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Electricians Glasgow - Glasgow ElectriciansWelcome to Electricians Glasgow Electrical contractors. Glasgow Electricians are proudly based in Glasgow City Center and our focus is to build our firm on better customer relations and integrity.

As Glasgow Electricians, we have been in business for the last 10 plus years and thanks to our founder’s dedication and guidance, we have continued to grow. We are fully qualified, licensed and insured.

Electrical Installation

The electrical system forms the heart of a building. When it works well, your home or business will run smoothly and efficiently with no annoying or expensive down times. Representing decades of experience, we employ electrical installation contractors who are knowledgeable in working with all types of homes and businesses.

Service Maintenance

Preventing a problem has always been better than fixing it after it has happened. Regular electrical maintenance can help reduce the chances of a costly and frustrating breakdown. It is our mission to ensure your maintenance contract is right for your individual needs. We know from experience that general contracts tend not to work. We include all standards, such as reactive and planned maintenance programmes, combined with our 24-hour service, and then design the rest of the contract so it suits your budget and your home or business. This method ensures that you never pay for anything that you don’t need and that you receive the most value from the all services that you do need.

Fire Alarm Installation

Regularly monitoring your fire alarm system to ensure it is in good working order is crucial. Being Glasgow Electricians, we offer the full range of fire alarm related services, starting from designing your state-of-the-art alarm systems, right through to the installation process, and then beyond with our ongoing alarm maintenance.

We pay careful attention to your requirements, while also maintaining our experienced and flexible approach to ensure that you get precisely what your business requires. Once that is established, we make a detailed report with full CAD designs and quotes.

Lighting Installation

Electricity has come far since the days of the simple light bulb, and electrical contractors need to stay ahead of the latest advances in technology. We have all the necessary skills to provide the right lighting for your organization, and ensure eco-friendly installations that will help the environment and reduce your energy costs.

Data Centre Installation

The world of data changes so fast, but it is our job to keep up with the latest technology in voice and data communications. Growing businesses need data systems that grow alongside them and offer the latest in security. We can offer quality advice on the top equipment for your data system, and also devise the most effective layout. We have experience with a variety of projects, such as data centre installations, uninterrupted power systems, power installations, and generators and specialised cooling supplies.

Energy Saving Services

Almost all households and organisations are consuming more energy than they need to be. Our energy surveys help uncover areas where energy consumption is high and can be reduced significantly, which helps you achieve those critical energy savings, and we do so with advice and guidance along the way.

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